In Move Innovation, we develop solutions, components, electronics and products for everyone who needs this. We do not limit ourselves to selected or specific industries. We are specialists in solving technical problems that have never been solved before. In addition, we are specialists in developing electronics, components, solutions and products that have not been developed before - regardless of the industry.

Many of our customers come from the medical or automation industry, which is why we are experts in developing medico products and achieving medico-certification and developing special components for the automation industry. But this does not mean that we do not cooperate with other industries, quite the contrary. We always welcome a challenge, regardless of industry.

We have helped many startups supplement and realise their technology companies, including seeking funding. In addition, we have also helped investors evaluate technology, in order for them to make no mistakes on new investments. We have the facilities to carry out a technical assessment.

Although many of our customers come from the medical and automation industry and startups are part of our DNA, we are always ready for new challenges, regardless of industry.