Startups and investors

Is your dream realistic?

In Move Innovation, we can halve misfires on new investments and make technology companies profitable, faster.

Get a technical assessment of your dreams early in the development phase.

A technical assessment requires technical facilities. We have an entire laboratory and a production hall to develop, test and produce.

We can supplement your team in different phases so you reach your goals.

This could be in:

  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Business
  • Technology

The ability to execute multiplies when the "invisible" functions are in place.

We ensure that the "invisible" skills are present so your team is complete.

We have helped several companies to:

  • Win the Danish Tech Challenge.
  • Become a worldwide niche company.
  • Getting started with internationalisation.
  • Reconstruct a company and update the technology.
  • Go from nationwide to worldwide.
  • Be sold to an American medical company.

When we have to assess technology and projects, there are different phases we go through:

  • Phase 1. Assessment of the scope of the task and first technical indication. We spend 15 hours on this.
  • Phase 2. Screening of technologies and alternatives that cover the same needs. We spend 15 hours on this screening.
  • Phase 3. Technical risk assessment and estimated economics. It typically takes 40-80 hours.

After these phases, we will know whether your dream is possible and what it will cost.