FoodTech, food technology and the food industry is an innovative and exciting industry that is developing rapidly. It requires knowledge in a wide range of areas to meet the challenges of global market demands, changing consumer demands, sustainability, social responsibility and competitiveness. We have developed equipment, technology and solutions for various actors within the FoodTech industry and know the various requirements regarding food safety and food quality.

If you need help developing future food technology with a focus on taste, health, sustainability, food quality and food safety, then Move Innovation is an obvious partner. 

Move innovation is the place where good ideas meet and develop.

We helped Glycospot optimise their micro-spectrophotometer, which can measure the enzyme activity in, for example, the production of bread or beer, you can read more about that here. (LINK TIL GLYCOSPOT)

We also helped FoodOp with the development of digital scales, which measure food waste in canteens, restaurants and hotels. In this development, it was important that the design was able to withstand hot dishes and be part of an environment with food. You can read more about the development here. (LINK TIL FOODOP)