In Move Innovation, we have extensive experience in developing various "green" solutions and products together with Green Tech companies and organisations. We have developed various energy-efficient solutions, with focus on optimising energy consumption. 

We have developed solutions that use renewable energy, including solar and wind energy, which you can read about here

In addition to energy-efficient solutions and renewable energy developments, we have developed various solutions that minimise waste, in order to reduce our footprint on the globe and promote the green transition. You can read more about that here.

Greentech is a broad term and can cover both waste sorting and renewable energy, reducing energy consumption, minimising consumption and waste. Basically, it's about reducing our footprint on the planet and solving the climate problems. 

We help you realise your green idea and solution, regardless of if you need to optimise energy production, energy consumption, energy management and energy storage. We have solid experience in developing technology for green conversion. We have been involved in several greentech development projects that have promoted the development and growth of green companies.

The increased focus on a greener, more environmentally and sustainable world drives the development of greentech solutions. There is a great need to develop new technologies and system solutions in order to meet a climate-neutral EU by 2050.

We have helped several companies develop products and solutions that contribute to a climate-neutral EU.