Ventum Dynamics

Ventum has over the past 4 years developed a unique Vertical Axed Wind Tubine (VAWT) in the microturbine segment, and throughout the past year we have helped them develop the electronics for the latest prototype.

The wind turbine is made so that several can be set up on the same roof of industrial buildings, office buildings – in general, all buildings with flat roofs (to begin with), which enables companies to produce energy themselves on site using wind.

This wind turbine is unique because of its compact size. It can be set up in many places without disturbing the visuals, in addition it is silent and due to the special design, the wind turbine is not directional.

Ventum contacted us, because they needed help to quickly develop a monitoring system, and upload data to a cloud.

Despite the global lack of chips and components, we designed, built and shipped 20 pilot units to Norway in just 3 months. We built the 20 pilots almost entirely from things we already had in our warehouse and supplemented with newly developed components (print).

The first test version with our monitoring solution, has just been installed for an off-grid electrical setup, on a roof in Stavanger. Furthermore, two pilot installations have been set up in England. The wind turbines are now collecting and uploading data over the 4G network to a cloud solution that we also helped create.


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While Ventum uses these "pilots" to test and verify their design and the entire concept, We are working on developing the next generation of their turbine controller. Next generation of wind turbines and controllers is scalable, and will be used when Ventum Dynamics go into the production phase later this year.


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