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System and 360° solutions

An important competence at Move Innovation is our end-to-end development. We are a qualified team of experts in both software and hardware engineering and mechanical design. We can develop 360° solutions that give our customers competitive advantages.

The development of an end-to-end solution can consist of several devices and components that solve a specific need or problem. It can be anything from simple communication between a device and a Smartphone, to larger solutions. 

We have developed solutions that measure deformation in production. We did this with sensors that send data synchronously to a time series database, where logic calculates the aging time of the machines and plans preventive maintenance. With this solution, the customer avoids breakdowns in production and unnecessary downtime, which saves our customer a great deal of money.


Move Innovation are experts in development of advanced System and 360° solutions. We work closely with our customers to create tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Our expertise in systems development includes the design, implementation and maintenance of complex systems. We have a skilled team of engineers and developers who have experience with a wide range of technologies and platforms. Whether it is software applications, network systems or integrated systems, we are able to deliver tailored solutions that maximises efficiency and functionality.

By thinking across disciplines, we can ensure that our customers get a one-stop solution that is optimised for success.

We believe that establishing a close partnership with our customers is essential to deliver the best solutions. We listen carefully to your needs, understand your business goals and work together to develop customised systems and 360° solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Whether it is creating innovative software solutions, building robust network systems or developing integrated solutions across different platforms, Move Innovation is an obvious partner. We combine our technical expertise with our customers' vision to create cutting-edge solutions that give you competitive advantages.

Contact us today to discuss your system and 360° development needs. We look forward to working with you and creating innovative solutions that bring your business to the future.