Sensors and Instrumentation

The use of sensors is a big part of Move Innovation's developments. Sensors are often used to collect data. This data can be used to drive automated processes, statistics or to make data-driven decisions.

Sensors can provide you with important contextual information.

Wireless sensors are often included in our development of (I)IoT, electronic and digital products. Our embedded sensors create the raw data that we process and analyse. We have experience in using all types of sensors and associated protocols. If there isn’t a sensor developed to collect the desired data, we can develop a sensor for you and your project. We have extensive experience in using existing sensor technology to calculate different parameters, so we don’t need to develop a new type of sensor, but simply use existing ones in a different way.

Our knowledge and experience within sensors gives us great insight into sensor manufacturers worldwide, and we can therefore quickly help you with the type of sensor you need in your development.


When developing an instrumentation system, you must first identify the required sensors and decide how to implement them. This includes choosing the right type of sensor, the location of the sensors, the choice of connection method (wired or wireless) and how to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. Factors such as power supply, data acquisition, signal processing and data storage may also need to be considered.

Calibration of sensors is an important part of instrumentation. It involves comparing the sensors' measurements with known standards in order to adjust and correct any deviations or errors. This ensures that the sensors provide accurate and reliable data.

After instrumentation, the collected data needs to be processed and analysed to obtain meaningful information. This may include filtering out noise, calculating statistics, visualising data and extracting relevant information. This analysis can be used to make decisions, optimise processes, diagnose problems or identify patterns and trends.

Sensor instrumentation and development is about designing, implementing and maintaining systems that use sensors to collect valuable data. It ranges from choosing the right sensors to integrating, calibrating and analysing the data to gain insight and improve efficiency in various applications.

Our work with and use of sensors, as well as processing of the data that the sensors generate, have made us experts in the instrumentation of solutions.

Measuring instruments, visualisations of data and putting solutions into an efficient and usable system are an important part of the development of devices and mechatronic solutions. We can help you integrate solutions into your existing system.

With our expertise in sensors and the advice in instrumentation, we can help you with unstable measurements and data.