Sofware Development

Software development

Development within software is fast, but at Move Innovation we are up-to-date with the latest knowledge. We use the latest methods and tools, which future-proofs your development. In addition to future-proofing your solution, our developments are always easy to update, so your product can always be updated and keep up with the need for use. This keeps your development costs to a minimum.


We have a whole team of experts sitting in-house. Our software engineers work on a daily basis to design and program software and IT solutions. We deal with everything from algorithms, data structure, databases, system integration, system development, software architecture, clouds, Iot, apps and much more.

How do we work at Move Innovation

At Move Innovation, we often use processor boards such as Arduino or RasberryPI, as these easily can be combined with a large selection of sensor and control boards. This makes it easier, cheaper and faster to develop embedded solutions for you.

We work a lot with data analysis. Most of our developments contain some form of data collection, often via a sensor. The data is sent to a cloud and must subsequently be processed, here we work with data analysis, where we "clean" the data so that it can be used or classified. This provides an overview as well as new insights and with the right technologies, e.g. machine learning, it is also possible to foresee future trends, so that you can make targeted efforts in time.

Methods in our software department

We often work with Continuous Integration (CI), as it is an efficient and agile working method. With continuous integration, our software team works with continuous integration of the code. In this way, errors and shortcomings are discovered and corrected on an ongoing basis, rather than solving this at the end and all at once. It takes more resources to fix bugs once the code is finished, rather than earlier in the process.

The integration of the software code is often the complex part, so by integrating it continuously we experience fewer integration errors. This also means that we can be more productive and at the same time have an extra layer of quality assurance.

A large part of this process is automated, so once our developer has integrated the code, it is automatically tested. Build, unit tests and integration tests are carried out. Testing the code is as important as the development of the code.

This work method is particularly suitable when we work in teams, as our developers work and code in parallel, merging it into a common code. This places great demands on coordination, which is why we have chosen to gather all our software engineers in-house. It ensures the quality of your development processes and at the same time minimizes your development costs and time.

We also work with Test Driven Development (TDD), which is a method where the requirement is essential. Test cases are prepared based on the requirement and the software is developed to be approved in the test.

We use this method when the logic is complex. It is a good idea to determine what the code/device must be able to do before starting the software development. In such cases it is ideal to work with Test Driven Development.