Product Development

From idea to finished product

In Move Innovation, we transform your ideas and inventions into finished products. We have years of experience with effective product development that meets your requirements and strategic goals for the company.

Move Innovation is not just a consultancy where we finish the set task and move on to the next, we have a close collaboration with you throughout the entire process.

All development and design is created in teams at our office in Søborg. It is important to us that our teams of engineers can collaborate and spar on a daily basis during the processes, and therefore all production is in-house.

We have established our product development in a series of agile processes, which ensure efficient development, with focus on the quality.

In Move Innovation, we design, develop, produce and service products. This applies from when a need arises until finished product - in the form of a component, a device or a solution. Afterwards, we can produce and/or maintain and upgrade the products.

Below you can read more about how you can use us as a sparring partner, regardless of where you are in the process of development of a solution:

From idea to concept, troubleshooting and technical sparring, start of production.

Why collaborate with Move Innovation?

  • We create tailor-made teams, so you are supplemented with exactly the skills you need.
  • We work efficiently and ensure rapid rollout and results.

  • With us, all knowledge is gathered under one roof and our focus on collegial sparring means that the whole of Move Innovation will work for you.

  • We have our own production department, and the close internal collaboration between development and production ensures that any production challenges are quickly discovered and resolved.

  • We have a do’er mentality, and if a challenge arises, we get it fixed quickly.

  • We have 10 years of experience in developing innovative solutions and in leading our customers safely from idea to 0 series.

Idea development

We at Move Innovation are happy to help you with idea development if you need concrete solutions.

Often entrepreneurs or companies come with a specified idea, but lack the knowledge about the development of a device or of electronics, wich puts an end to further process. We are happy to help you with concrete solutions.

The cooperation with our business developers, industrial designers and engineers creates creative electronic solution proposals, which are combined with structured development and documentation processes, with a focus on the financial goals of the solution.

For example, we offer an idea workshop over two days, where we jointly test the idea and make a road map for the development.

Troubleshooting and technical sparring

Often customers come to us with challenges regarding the completion of a product. Our task is to get the project back on track and complete the solution and build on top of already developed solutions.

Move Innovation has extensive technical knowledge, and we do not need to be involved in a project from start to finish. 

Move Innovation is also used in certain phases of development projects where the project faces challenges. It is important for us to be available for projects that are facing a problem. We are happy to help optimize and improve already implemented and developed solutions. For example, moving a button can create a better ergonomic user experience, or extra products on a pallet can help create more profit.

User design and Design for Manufacturing are part of our DNA.

Start of production

At Move Innovation, we are happy to join a project where a product is on its way to mass production.

If you have developed a product that will be ready for production, but lack the input to get it into production, then we at Move Innovation can help you. We have started and continued production on a range of products for our customers. If the production is less than 2000 units per year, we often oversee the production ourselves, while mass production is outsourced to factories.

Through our solutions, we create a financial benefit for our customers by optimizing the production and distribution process. It creates a better bottom line. We help with optimization of material consumption and assembly time. We ensure the transport of as many devices as possible on the fewest possible pallets and the best possible utilization of, for example, moulding/punching machines, which can ultimately create financial profit.