IoT development

Internet Of Things

IoT development

Are you ready to go digital? We can help you!

We have years of experience in making companies, processes, productions and products smarter and digital with (I)IoT. We are experts in developing IoT devices and solutions that upload data to a cloud, and make use of the collected, relevant data and present this in a way so you can optimize your production ect..

We can collect and process all relevant data and present it in a dashboard, app or similar, so your solution makes sense to users.

We are becoming more and more digitized and it is about meeting the needs of your customers and at the same time supporting your business. IoT solutions can add value to your product and your business. There is  huge business gain in thinking IoT into your business strategy, but this requires the right partners and IT tools to execute your IoT strategy. We can help you with this.

We have developed many different IoT devices. In fact, all of the solutions we develop contain IoT or industrial IoT.

Some of the IoT devices we have developed have reduced food waste, ensured more energy-efficient production, optimized production and made the workflow in production smarter. Our IoT developments have also reduced downtime in production in relation to maintenance.

We have developed IoT devices both for the consumer market,  B2B, but also for productions and industry, B2C. With solutions that upload data to a cloud or a network, there is a risk of cyber or hacker attacks, but with Move Innovation as your development partner, you are assured. We secure your solution against cyber attacks and we have full control over cybersecurity. We consider IT security early in the process.

We develop complete end-to-end IoT solutions, but we can also be part of your development process and support you with expert knowledge where this is needed.

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