We use different innovation methods in our development.

Innovative development

At Move Innovation, innovation is driven by knowledge, momentum and visions and we work with different innovation methods, including user-driven innovation, value-driven innovation and technology-driven innovation.

  • User-driven innovation is used when we innovate and interface test with the end users, from idea to finished product. However, the users' experience and current situation can dominate and distort a development process, where use in the future  ei. when the product hits the market in 2 years, is the most important. It is important to maintain the vision for the users and transform the vision into a future-proof product. We used this method in the development of Spiromagic, which you can read about here.

  • Value-driven innovation is the value that the product adds to a manufacturer and the entire value chain, including the end customers. Here we look less at the market, as it is defined by our customers. We look at the way we can add the most value to the customer and the customer's customers. It’s all about meeting the needs defined by the customer in the best and cheapest way.
    We used this method in the development of Mouldflo, which you can read about here.

  • Technology-driven innovation is used when the framework for all stakeholders is known and it is about developing and producing the product at a given quality and a given price, and not about uncovering needs and added value. It is about meeting the customer's specific requirements.