IIoT solutions

Industry 4.0

IIoT solutions that give you freedom and profit

At Move Innovation, we have years of experience with development of Industry 4.0-compatible solutions that make a difference. With our innovative approach to cloud computing, you get an economical solution, based on your needs, open for further development.

Collaborating with Move Innovation you get:

  • A customized set-up
  • Clean data, easy to use
  • Open platform with the possibility of expansion

Tailor-made solutions

In Move Innovation, we have many years  of experience with Industrial Internet of Things and tailor made solutions specified to individual companies. We have made hundreds of IIoT solutions to several customers within e.g. plastic production, production of bio-ethanol. the cement and mining industry as well as the wind turbine industry. 

Move Innovation's IIoT solutions contain hardware for data collection, for example measurement of pressure, vibrations, wear, temperature, flow. This data is processed and in GUI displayed as graphs, figures or alarm functions. This gives you effective close and remote monitoring of your machines, with the possibility to regulate the machines' settings if the data falls outside the specifications.

This gives you a direct economic and sustainable return. The life of the production equipment is extended, as unnecessary wear and tear is avoided with the right maintenance. It will also be possible to find the specific machine settings which gives the highest production value.

Challenges with industrial IIOT solutions

When developing industrial solutions, problems often arise regarding the signal and signal strength in the digital and electronic solutions.

Industrial companies often want wireless and battery-powered solutions, as cables in production can be problematic. Unfortunately, the signal in the wireless solutions is weakened due to the large metal machines

Another challenge that we often experience with industrial solutions is the durability of the electronic solutions that are developed. There are completely different requirements when the solution is to be implemented in industry. The solution often has to be part of a harsh environment, with both water, heat, shock and dirt.

We have extensive experience in developing sensors and solutions that take all this into account and can be included in an industrial environment.

We help different industries become more competitive, digitize their production and enter Industry 4.0.