From idea to finished product

Spiromagic is a device developed to measure the pulmonary function in athletes and people with for example asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The user-tested design and the uncomplicated app makes it easy and simple to keep an eye on one’s pulmonary function.

When an entrepreneur came to Move Innovation with the idea of ​​a spirometer, it created great interest. The telemedicine market already contained handheld spirometers, but after talking to Denmark's Lung Association, Move Innovation gained insight into some issues regarding patient health measurements. There was a mismatch between the patient's sense of own health and the doctor's measurements. Move Innovation therefore wanted to create an apparatus that could remedy these problems.

Spiromagic has been based on user-driven development from idea to finished product, as the product should ultimately help numerous people. The design should therefore be practical and it was important that Spiromagic became incredibly intuitive to use. It was also incredibly important that the device was reliable and safe to use. To assess whether the spirometer correctly measured the entire breathing curve, Move Innovation invested in an artificial lung that could generate all lung curves humanly possible.

The development of Spiromagic has meant that people with, for example, asthma or COPD can keep an eye on the development of their pulmonary function over time. This way it is possible to improve treatment and avoiding seizures and acute hospitalization. It is estimated that approximately 435,000 Danes have COPD - leading to 23,000 hospitalizations a year. Spiromagic makes it easy and simple to monitor their pulmonary function and patients can take this data to the doctor.

Spiromagic was nominated for a Danish Design Award 2017 in the Healthy Life category.


Test driven development
Medical standard ISO 26782
Nordic Semiconductor NRF51 chip
BTLE (Bluetooth low energy)
Database - core-data, MySQL, backend cloud server
iOS - Native app (objective c and Swift)

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