Winner of Danish Tech Challenge 2018

A mobile modem with a directional antenna

MiWire produces the MiWire RouDem, a "mobile modem with a directional antenna that enhances signal strength", and is ideal for summerhouses in rural areas, working at building sites, when driving around in a campervan or even going sailing. It must be placed outside on the roof, chimney, mast or just on a table and it improves the mobile 4G internet connection and creates a hotspot. You can also connect it to an external wifi router that your PC or mobile can connect to.

MiWire and Move Innovation made a plan in the beginning of 2017 and in February 2018, only a year later, the first batch of MiWire Roudem was dispatched to customers.

The plan included the process from MiWire’s idea to a finished product: development, purchase, testing, approvals, 0-series and production. A team was formed, consisting of engineers from Move Innovation and MiWire, and a room at Move Innovation’s office was assigned to this project

The different technical tasks in a project as MiWire Roudem required various skills from different types of engineers, administrators, production workers and buyers, which all was part of the project (on part-time) in the time necessary.

The team gathered knowledge during the project, which means that MiWire was not dependent on one consultant, but is able to return years later and continue the development and their new initiatives, because the knowledge stays within the team – even though a employee might not be with the company anymore.

Move Innovations production/assembly hall was used for assembling the first production batch. This reduced ‘early diseases’ in production before MiWire Roudem was sent to mass production at a factory.

Read more about MiWire here.

Danish Tech Challenge

In 2018, MiWire won the main prize of DKK 500,000 in Danish Tech Challenge - an accelerator program for hardware startups.

Thanks to the collaboration with Move Innovation, which led them safely to the first production batch, they had a relevant product that worked.

Jury member Charlotte Vedel in Electronic Supply justified the choice of MiWire as winners, with the product's high-tech efficiency:

"MiWire stands out, they delivered super quality very quickly."