Innovative energy-saving ventilation system


Airlich has, with our help, developed an innovative air purification system that enables the recirculation of indoor air, which leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional HVAC solutions, while simultaneously improving the indoor climate.

How does it work?

Normal ventilation systems replace the air inside with outside air. In winter, the air must therefore be heated to the desired temperature, and in summer the air must be cooled, which is an energy consuming process. Instead of replacing the air, Airlich's system cleans and recycles the air. In this way, Airlich's solution can save up to 45% of the energy consumption and reduce the emission of CO2, compared to conventional ventilation systems, without compromising the indoor climate.

Airlich's air cleaning system can easily be retrofitted to both new and existing ventilation systems and effectively removes both particles, viruses and bacteria.

The process

We have had a collaboration with the people behind Airlich for many years.

Our project for Airlich started with developing a cloud connected to a sensor box for measuring critical parameters related to air quality.

Later, we helped with the development of a cloud-connected control cabinet for controlling Airlich's ventilation system, as well as the existing conventional ventilation system, based on data from one or more sensor boxes. All sensor and operating data can be followed via a web interface, just as the system can be controlled remotely.


You can read more about Airlich here.

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