About Move Innovation


Move Innovation is an ambitious development company who has created new electronic products and solutions since 2010. Our customers include everything from entrepreneurs and start-ups to some of the biggest Danish industrial groups. We develop electronic products that have an actual impact – in homes and on factory floors.

At Move Innovation, we are doers and we provide our partners with fast and solid results. We design, develop, test and service from when the need arises until the product is finished – whether it is a component, a device or a solution. We are happy to manufacture, maintain and upgrade the products.

Our success criteria are additional sales and saved costs for our customers. We have more than a decade of experience in developing innovative solutions, and we always customise a team of specialists to ensure that our customers are complemented with exactly the expertise they require.   

Since 2010, we have developed more than 120 projects for our customers with electrical solutions as a result. Today, our solutions are used all over the globe – in desert towns as well as in world cities.    

We focus on efficiency and teamwork

The employees at Move Innovation have a range of different skills and in a project we draw on everyone’s specific expertise. With us, all knowledge is gathered under one roof and this means, we get things done quickly and properly.

We always work in interdisciplinary teams, which are customised to each specific project. Thereby, we ensure an extremely high level of knowledge, making it possible for us to achieve the best and fastest results.

Along with our qualified engineers, we have the facilities required to prepare the solutions for production. This ensures an effective process, where potential manufacturing issues are immediately discovered and solved. It allows us to quickly take a product from idea to 0 series.

The manufacturing industry and the medical industry makes up a lot of our portfolio and we are specialised in securing both optimisation of production value, and compliance with medical standards. Furthermore, we often collaborate with start-ups and innovation companies and we are happy to help refine ideas and prepare new products for the market.

How do we work at Move Innovation?

At Move Innovation, we are a mixed team of dynamic, talented young and experienced engineers who are dedicated to the development of electronic products, devices and solutions.

We work as consultants for our customers, from our headquarters in Søborg, which is equipped with workshop, laboratory and production facilities. We are either crisscrossing on several projects or working in large teams on bigger projects. Collaboration with both colleagues and customers is a crucial part of our day.

The work is varied, which creates a dynamic and exciting working environment. There is room for ideas and ambitions, as well as for learning something new and challenging our professional skills.

We provide a place for personal growth

We find it important to trust all employees. We embrace everyone and there is ample opportunity to use our work space in your spare time if you have a hobby that requires space or the tools we have in the laboratory - for example, we have an employee who has printed spare parts for his fishing wheel. 

In 2016 we moved to our newly established offices that have a lab where our hardware engineers create the prototypes. In addition, we have a really good collegial environment: several people play sports together and in addition to Friday breakfast and "end of the day" beers in the kitchen, we sometimes go out to dinner, go to the Copenhagen beer festivals and we have a yearly summer party where the family is invited.